Ultimate Frisbee tournaments are organised in a number of ways. Most tournaments are open tournaments in which teams submit “bids” in the hope that their team will be selected to participate in the event. Organisers select teams on the basis of the number of teams needed in relation to the format of the tournament as well as the perceived level of skill of a given team in relation to other teams to ensure a healthy level of competition. Other tournaments are “invitationals” in which teams are selected by the event organiser to participate.

A creative approach to Ultimate completion is to organize a “hat tournament,” one in which players register as individuals and the event organizer places them on teams with attention given to the relative skill of the players in order to create balanced teams. Hat tournaments are helpful for developing relationships within the Ultimate community, for growing the sport in areas where Ultimate is new and also for giving players the opportunity to develop their skills by playing with others who might have skills and strategies to pass on. The annual Penang Hat tournament is the most the established hat tournament in the country and draws players from around the region.

GSP is willing to come alongside and provide advice and support to those wanting to organize competition. We would strongly encourage schools and clubs to only organize competition with others AFTER they have had opportunity to compete and experience a number of competitions elsewhere. A good place to begin organising competition is within a given school, that is, an internal tournament. The good news is that Ultimate does NOT require a big budget. Still it is important to get started with a positive experience as the “first taste” is lasting, whether good or bad! If rules are not clear or the event is poorly organized, very likely the growth of the sport will be stymied.

Do contact us at GSP if you want to discuss organising a tournament. There is a lot of expertise in the Ultimate network in Malaysia – and if we can’t help you, we can find someone who can!


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