With the base price of custom discs being as little as Rm 13.00 each (for a minimum order of 200 discs), you might want to consider a disc with your company or organization’s logo instead of the standard t-shirt that no longer excites anyone!
Once you have read the information below, please contact us for further information!


(Base Price Subject to Change – Last Updated January 2020)
Quantity    MyDisc 3.0    MyDisc X1
200             Rm 13.00      RM 21.00
300             Rm 12.50      RM 20.50
400            Rm 12.00      RM 20.00
500             Rm 11.50      RM 19.50
1000           Rm 10.50      RM 18.00
Contact us for special pricing for orders 1000+.


  • Custom discs are made using the silk-screen process.
  • Base price includes single colour printing (any colour) on white discs.
  • Many have found that two-coloured printing on white discs is often a winner!
  • A maximum of three colour-printing is recommended…and colours must not be immediately adjacent one another – there must be “white space” dividing the colours.
  • If at least 300 discs are ordered, coloured discs may be purchased – add three weeks to delivery time. Note that actual colour of printing on coloured discs can be harder to predict.
  • A single order cannot have multiple colour discs (ie half white and half red) nor can a single order have varying logos.
  • Order will be processed once 50% of the cost of the total order (inclusive of shipping) is deposited. Balance is due 14 days from delivery of the order.
  • Expect order to be shipped 3-4 weeks from the date of confirmation of order by deposit. Allow an additional 3-4 weeks for coloured discs.


In addition to the base charge per disc (see above), the following charges should be considered:

1. Additional Printing Colours Charge. Base price includes single colour logo. For each additional colour (up to three) add Rm 200 set-up fee and Rm 0.60 per disc.

For example, a 200 pc order with a three colour logo would be Rm 2600.00 (Rm 13.00 base price/disc) + Rm 400.00 (two additional colour set-ups) + Rm 240.00 (Rm 0.60 + Rm 0.60 x 200 discs) = Rm 3,240.00.

2. Graphics Charge. If you do not provide your logo in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai),  you will be charged Rm 100.00 per order.

3. Shipping and Handling Charge. Price will vary in relation to final destination. Discs are shipped from Penang and generally via Pos Malaysia. Price will be cost of actual shipping plus 10-15% for handling charge.

4. International Orders Charge. Total price will include an additional 5% charge to total order to account for PayPal / currency exchange.

Please feel free to contact us for further questions. It usually takes a phone conversation to work through all the questions! Feel free to call Douglas (+6016.650.6413) for immediate assistance!

Please CONTACT US  for further questions and we will get in touch with you. It usually takes a phone conversation to work through all the questions!