Global Sports Partners (GSP) was incorporated in Malaysia in 1999 as a reflection of the continued growth of GSP worldwide. GSP provides professional development services that improve performance, increase participation and inspire purpose. GSP is often considered to be “an expert in finding experts” in areas as diverse as Executive Sports Administration, Athlete Health and Performance and finally, Instruction, Training and Pedagogy. Global Sports Partners has offices in about twenty countries, representatives working in more than forty countries and completed projects in more than sixty countries ( .

Global Sports Partners has contributed in varied ways to the development of sport within Malaysia partnering with both government bodies such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, universities and schools as well as sports associations and various non-government organizations and corporate entities.

When it comes to increasing participation, Global Sports Partners helped found the Subang Jaya Community Football League in 2000, a model grassroots community effort that gave birth to the Subang Jaya Community Sports Club and more than youth football and is still going strong almost twenty years later. For the last seven years, Coach BK Kang, the coach of a silver medalist Taekwondo player in the Sydney Olympics has been improving the performance of athletes in the Sarawak State Sports School. In Malaysia, GSP is most known for its critical role in the development of Ultimate Frisbee, a sport that inspires purpose reflected in the Spirit of the Game that states, “while competitive play is encouraged, it is never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules or the joy of play.”

Regardless the partner, Global Sports Partners seeks to understand the need and customize solutions to fit the need. From football to soccer, from badminton to tennis, from basketball to volleyball from baseball to softball and other sports such as golf and Ultimate Frisbee, GSP has proven to be “a partner in sport development that exceeds expectations and wins hearts.”

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