Many do not realize that Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, inexpensive, team building, healthy activity to include in any number of events such as family days, organizational activities, government programmes or community events. Old and young, men and women enjoy throwing and catching a disc – whether for casual fun or in a competitive game of Ultimate.

GSP has organized events incorporating Ultimate Frisbee for TV stations, telecommunications companies, government ministries and departments, community organizations, NGO’s and many more. Everyone enjoys throwing a Frisbee (or MyDisc™) and in the space of two hours, participants can move from not even knowing how to hold a disc to enjoy a small-sided game!

The best thing is that custom discs with the logo of your choice can be purchased for as little as RM 13 each (base price for a minimum order of 200 pcs). Depending on the size of the order and location of the event, an Ultimate Frisbee clinic is extremely affordable…and sometimes even free of charge!

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