Update 23 June 2022: The CESP Online English Programme is open to men and women living in Malaysia who have some experience in speaking English and desire to become more confident in this skill. We anticipate being able to connect those that register to an American that will facilitate the language conversations for a 10-week module. Guys with guys and girls with girls! 😊 Register now!!!

Recently GSP Executive Catalyst Douglas Ladner together with GSP Lead Ultimate Trainer Mark Pedroza met with En Azhar (Pengetua, SMK Permatang Rawa) and Cikgu Zuriyati (Ultimate Frisbee Catalyst!) to brainstorm together about developing Ultimate Frisbee not only in their school but within the region. Both En Azhar and Cikgu Zur have a long history or helping to pioneer Ultimate among secondary school students in Seberang Perai. One of the creative initiatives they have done in the past is Disc Golf, creating a modified Disc Golf course on their school compound using various locations / objects as targets. While the students loved the creative competition, it also gave them an opportunity to improve their throwing skills. We also discussed the online Conversational English Support Programme (CESP) and how that might be of help to their teachers. Syabas, En Azhar and Cikgu Zur! 😊