We hope you like our new look here at UltimateMalaysia Our goal is to INTRODUCE you to the sport of Ultimate, help you GET CONNECTED to other players, IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS and support you in your efforts to GROW THE SPORT.

You’ll also be able to learn more about Global Sports Partners (GSP) and how to get your hands on a MyDiscTM, GSP’s locally manufactured disc that has spurred the growth of Malaysian Ultimate.

We hope you quickly see that this site will only be as good as the effort of all of us UltiMATES to contribute to it – whether pictures for the blog, resources in the Google Docs Access folder or another location for buying/selling MyDiscs. Most importantly, we hope that in encouraging the growth of Ultimate and the Spirit of the Game, we are making a small contribution to a better world for all of us.

God bless,
Doug for the GSP Gang
PS. Thanks to Webmaster CS (cyas87@gmail.com) for all his hard work!



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