We hope you like our new look here at UltimateMalaysia Our goal is to INTRODUCE you to the sport of Ultimate, help you GET CONNECTED to other players, IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS and support you in your efforts to GROW THE SPORT.

You’ll also be able to learn more about Global Sports Partners (GSP) and how to get your hands on a MyDiscTM, GSP’s locally manufactured disc that has spurred the growth of Malaysian Ultimate.

We hope you quickly see that this site will only be as good as the effort of all of us UltiMATES to contribute to it – whether pictures for the blog, resources in the Google Docs Access folder or another location for buying/selling MyDiscs. Most importantly, we hope that in encouraging the growth of Ultimate and the Spirit of the Game, we are making a small contribution to a better world for all of us.

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Ultimate on the Move… 3 on 3 Nationwide!

This past April 18th, the first leg of the Ministry of Education’s Ultimate Frisbee Development Initiative kicked off at SMK Derma in Kangar, Perlis without about 50 students, teachers and Department of Education staff involved.  With a goal of helping to connect every student to sports, the Satu Murid, Satu Sukan Programme programme has recognized…


UiTM Arau Gang (14 Mar 15)

UUM Hosts First Ever Ultimate Tournament

  Recently Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) hosted their first ever Ultimate tournament, the 2015 GSP-UUM Ultimate Invitational. Eight men’s teams and four women’s teams participated with more than 140 players competing including teams such as UiTM (Both Perlis and Penang), IKBN Jitra, UUM and even two teams from Perak – Ipoh Bugs and Ipoh 4.3.…


Ultimate Soars to Polytechnic in Perlis

More than two hundred students heard the Ultimate sales pitch recently at PTSS in Pauh Putra, Perlis. For Adam, Weng Kit and Douglas it was a bit overwhelming but thank goodness, the students enjoyed the introduction … and not quite that many found their way to the field for developing some skills. By the end,…


Ultimate in Saudi Arabia

Here is a note from a GSP franchise in KSA regarding ultimate Here is a not from a Global Sports Parters franchise in KSA!!Here is a not from a Global Sports Parters franchise in KSA!!Global Sports Partners has been teaching Ultimate frisbee among the International Schools in Saudi Arabia. The children in the area are…


Ultimate Takes off in … NAKA!

While few might know where NAKA is, more than 100 students at IKBN Naka (Kedah!) enjoyed a sky full of discs recently at a GSP Ultimate clinic. With the student population numbering about 150 (only four girls currently enrolled!), 90% of the students participated … and with the strong support of the administration, the outlook…


School Holidays Ultimate

Recently a group of SMK Bukit Jambul students decided to have an Ultimate pick-up over at USM Padang Minden. While many of their schoolmates in the lower forms had been able to take part in an Ultimate Frisbee clinic at their school, they had missed out since they were in preparation for their PMR exam.…


Ultimate – A Better High!

Many may not realize that Lubuk Merbau is the largest FELDA in Kedah because it is tucked away in the northeastern corner of Kedah along the Pendang-Sik border. Despite its location, this past November 4th witnessed the return of Ultimate to SMK Lubuk Merbau as GSP organized a clinic for more than 50 students. A…


Special Kids Learn a Special Sport

Every school is special for different reasons. While most Penangites have probably driven by SMK Padang Polo, they might not have realized that not only is SMK Padang Polo an all-girls’ school, but about one-quarter of their students have special needs. While GSP volunteer Leah assisted with conversational English, GSP interns Whitney and Laurie along…