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Ultimate Arrives in Kuantan and Beyond!

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SMK Bukit Damar 300x225 Ultimate Arrives in Kuantan and Beyond!

Students celebrate a successful clinic at SMK Bukit Damar

During the month of August, two SMKs in Pahang hosted Ultimate Clinics.  With the help of some Fulbright staff, GSP was able to teach some 40 plus students how to play the great sport of Ultimate.  The students of SMK Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan had already had some experience playing Ultimate thanks to Fulbright teacher, Mark.  The students were excited to learn more about the game and to improve their skills.  The clinic also allowed Mark to recruit more players so that the sport would continue to grow at his school.  The students did a great job and the newbies learned quickly.  Now, Mark is preparing his students to face two more schools in October.


Later in the month, SMK Bukit Damar in Lanchang hosted a clinic for its students.  Fulbright staff, Cassi, had introduced the sport about two weeks before, so the students had an idea of what to do.  We were able to help the students improve their throwing skills and better understand some rules of the game.  The students were quick learners and some of them excelled in their throwing abilities.  It was great to see that Cassi was able to recruit around 8 females to join.  The girls did a great job playing co ed after the clinic.  Now, Cassi is preparing her students to face SMK TC in a tournament in October.  The tournament will feature 3 SMKs and will be held at SMK Bukit Damar on October 2.


Thanks to both Mark and Cassi for their love of Ultimate and desire to see the sport expand in Pahang.  Stay tuned for more updates on how Ultimate is moving into Kuantan and Beyond.


Derrick Wilkerson

Project Coordinator Kuantan



GSP-AIMST Aerofoil Ultimate Frisbee Fun Day Tourney 2014

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total group GSP AIMST Aerofoil Ultimate Frisbee Fun Day Tourney 2014

A big thanks to all who came out for the GSP-AIMST Aerofoil Ultimate Frisbee Fun Day Tourney 2014 hosted by AIMST university and their frisbee team Aerofoil.  Congratulations to the AIMST mens team who took home first prize and the Frisbeasts, a mixed team from Penang island who took home first prize in the women’s division.  11 teams with arounds 100 players total competed for first prize from 10 am until 4 pm on April 12, 2014.  Some new frisbee clubs in northern Malaysia now have two tournaments under their belts and are looking forward to continuing to improve their skills.  If you are interesting in bringing a team to our next tournament please contact us at gspmalaysia@gmail.com

Ultimate in Saudi Arabia

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KSA Global Sports Ultimate in Saudi Arabia

Here is a note from a GSP franchise in KSA regarding ultimate

Here is a not from a Global Sports Parters franchise in KSA!!Here is a not from a Global Sports Parters franchise in KSA!!Global Sports Partners has been teaching Ultimate frisbee among the International Schools in Saudi Arabia. The children in the area are in desperate need of new ways to exercise and to have fun. With obesity on the rise giving children, teens, and adults a new way to be active is in high demand. Ultimate Frisbee has been well accepted at every school GSP has taught at and we hope for good results in the coming weeks at new schools.

Ultimate Takes off in … NAKA!

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IKBN Naka 1 Ultimate Takes off in … NAKA!

While few might know where NAKA is, more than 100 students at IKBN Naka (Kedah!) enjoyed a sky full of discs recently at a GSP Ultimate clinic. With the student population numbering about 150 (only four girls currently enrolled!), 90% of the students participated … and with the strong support of the administration, the outlook is great for Ultimate as the beautiful campus which opened in 2010 is designed for many more students. There is hope that IKBN Naka together with SMK Lubuk Merbau, IKM Kuala Nerang and SMK Sains Pokok Sena might form a hub Ultimate in the region.


IKBN Naka 2 Ultimate Takes off in … NAKA!

School Holidays Ultimate

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SMK Bukit Jambul Pick Up ed School Holidays Ultimate

Recently a group of SMK Bukit Jambul students decided to have an Ultimate pick-up over at USM Padang Minden. While many of their schoolmates in the lower forms had been able to take part in an Ultimate Frisbee clinic at their school, they had missed out since they were in preparation for their PMR exam.

Despite lacking some understanding of the rules, they still had a lot of fun. When an old bald Mat Salleh passed by and offered join the girls in challenging the boys, a great competition ensued. The boys ended up wining 8-7, but the girls had succeeded in giving them a scare!

Hats off to Penang … a really great HAT!

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Penang Hat Tn Hj Rashid ed Hats off to Penang … a really great HAT!

One of the most popular Ultimate events on the Malaysian calendar (the online registration opened in July and was filled within the hour!), the INTI Penang Hat 2013 proved to be a roaring success with 16 teams and 256 players participating. Like all “Hat” tournaments, teams are formed by organizers and players play with each other for the first time on the day of the event. In this years’ edition, Team Alcatraz (Purple) took the Championship with a narrow victory over Isle of Wight (Light Blue).

Tn Hj Rashid bin Hasnon, Penang’s Deputy Chief Minister 1 graciously assisted in the prize-giving ceremony, took to the field to learn how to properly throw a disc and finally to the cheers of all, guaranteed the support of Ultimate by the state government in the days to come. For some great pictures, check out Kai Yik’s photos at  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.269134516567932.1073741833.266385423509508&type=1