Learn more about the sport of ultimate by watching this video of the 2018 Zon Utara Ultimate Tournament, read through the simple rules handouts, hear from a GSP MyDisc Ambassador, and view special box disc packaging for schools.

Esther Devadas: MyDisc Ambassador

“I started my ultimate career with MyDiscs and used it to practice lots of my throws even until today.”

  • Captain 2019 Malaysian National Women’s Team
  • Member of Black Widows (a diverse Southeast Asian Elite Women’s Team) and competed at the US OPEN in 2018
  • Member of Asia Oceanic All-Star Team Tour 2018

“I would encourage people to buy this disc because practicing one’s throws is essential to playing Ultimate, and MyDisc gives you the opportunity to do so. Because of its affordability, I have seen it reach so many people who are eager to learn the sport. MyDisc is able to go into many schools in bulk and because of that both primary and secondary students can pick up Ultimate and get good at the sport early on.”

*Images provided by 175g Ultimate. Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/175g.ultimate/

1Murid 1Sukan MyDisc 3.0 (1M1S)

This disc was produced in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.

RM 250 (1 box contains 25 discs)

RM 10 a disc

School Combo Box

10 MyDisc 3.0 + 15 1M1S

RM 300

School Tournament Box

5 X1s + 20 1M1S

RM 325


Please CONTACT US  for further questions and we will get in touch with you. If you would like to order a box or boxes of disc, indicate this on your submission request and we can contact you with payment and shipping information.

Prices do not include the shipping cost.