Recent News

Webinar Hosted by University of Malaya

Thanks to those at the University of Malaya for organizing the webinar “Perfect Timing for Malaysia Ultimate Frisbee Community: Issues and Challenges.” Over 60 participants attended the webinar and contributed to some great discussions. Thanks to representatives from MFDA and IpohBugs who joined GSP on the panel.

Game of Throws 2020 Custom MyDisc X1

GSP produced 400 custom MyDisc X1’s for the event organizers of Game of Throws 4.0. The tournament had to be canceled because of COVID-19, but planned participants still received their MyDisc X1. Thanks to those from UUM who were responsible for this ultimate frisbee tournament.

King of the North in Penang

GSP was a lead sponsor for the King of the North Tournament held in Penang on February 29 and March 1. 23 teams from across Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia competed in the two day tournament. Thanks to the tournament organizers for letting us take part in this event and for designing custom King…

IPG Frisbee Championship 2020 at KAPAS

Global Sports Partners Malaysia organized the Ultimate Frisbee Championship for the Institute Pendidikan Guru Carnival Games Between Staff 2020 (KAPAS – Karnival Permainan Antara Staf) at the Campus Pendidikan Islam in Bangi, Selangor. Men’s and Women’s teachers competed in separate divisions and in 3on3, 5on5, and 7on7 competitions. Special thanks to Encik Mohamad Isa B. Jantan,…

KPM Bahagaian Sukan

GSP Malaysia staff met with the director of the Sports Division of the Department of Education and his staff to discuss future opportunities to develop sports across Malaysia. In 2020, we look to engaging new participants and conducting Ultimate frisbee demonstration events at selected National Championship events.

Frisbee Games with YOKUK

GSP Malaysia was able to partner with YOKUK (Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan) to teach teens and young adults how to play different frisbee disc games. It was a lot of fun for all that participated. We had 18 participants and 10 YOKUK staff/volunteers play too. All the participants went home with a MyDisc frisbee.

Tournament Zon Utara 2018

The JPNK-GSP Kejohanan Ultimate 2018 welcomed representative boys and girls teams from Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak to the first formal interstate competition organized under the Ministry of Education. The Unit Sukan of Kedah was the host for the tournament held at Sungai Petani in partnership with GSP Malaysia/MyDisc.