Thank you for your interest in purchasing MyDiscs. If you would just need a few, please click on the link to find the MyDisc dealer nearest you. Do note that this is a partial listing. Please help us update our listing either with feedback that a given location no longer stocks MyDiscs or if you know of location that carries them but is not listed. Alternatively, if you would like to explore the possibility of stocking MyDiscs™ or distributing MyDiscs™, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do note for orders of ten or more discs, you may feel free to contact our office directly – please do not stop by as visits are by appointment only as our Sentul office is staffed part time. Feel free to contact Berney (0111.230.1549) or Kari (016.804.8953). The GSP KL office is located in Rafflesia Condominium – walking distance from the Sentul LRT stop. Drop us an email if you have a question –

IF you are interested in designing your own discs either for Ultimate play or as a premium gift, please CLICK HERE.

IF you are interested in ordering online and having discs delivered to you, please CLICK HERE.