International Standards, Hasil Tempatan

MyDisc 2

Made in Malaysia. International standards. Choose your favorite or design your own.

Why buy MyDisc?

  1. Locally made.
  2. Extremely affordable.
  3. Customizable.



If you haven’t seen a MyDisc™ yet, hopefully you won’t have to wait long. Malaysian designed and made, this disc meets the rigorous standards of Ultimate and is made right here in our own corner of the world. A MyDisc™ is the only piece of equipment you need to start playing the exciting sport of Ultimate.

It not only looks and flies great, it is very affordable too. GSPmanufactures every disc in Malaysia to ensure that our discs are affordable and available to players locally.


Mydisc 1.0


Purchasing and Distribution

Feel free to contact us for bulk pricing and information about customized discs. When purchased in bulk (3000 discs), discs can be bought for as little as RM7.50 per disc – a 50% savings off the retail price!


Organization Partnerships and Promotions

Corporate organizations and businesses are beginning to recognize the marketing tool that a MyDisc™ can become. Everyone from universities and government organizations to telecommunications companies have used MyDisc™ for marketing purposes, giveaways, corporate fun days, sports programs, etc.


A retail distribution network for MyDisc™ is currently being developed. If you would like to find out more about distribution and sales or want to know the nearest place to you to purchase a MyDisc™, contact us or call Brad at 016.900.2140.