may-2015-ustadz-ali-the-champion-for-ultimate-for-ultimate-in-penang-schools-edIncreasing Participation

Improving Performance

Inspiring Purpose

    …in the world of sports and beyond!


Global Sports Partners (GSP), incorporated in Malaysia in 1998, is a significant member of the worldwide GSP network with personnel in more than 20 countries and projects that have contributed to the development of sport in more than 60 countries.


Each GSP office takes on a flavor of its own – reflective of the needs and opportunities of each context and the strengths and personality of the personnel who direct its activities. GSP generates revenue from its professional and commercial activities but also benefits from the generous support of corporate and others who recognize the value of GSP programs not only for the development of sport, but more importantly the development of a nation’s greatest resource – its people. Sport contributes to the development of every person – regardless of race, gender, age or economic status. Sport unites, sport builds, sport multiplies.


Since 1998, GSP Malaysia has partnered government bodies such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education and the Department of National Unity. GSP has also worked with corporates in industries as diverse as telecommunications, hotels and hospitals and NGO’s both locally and internationally. Many of GSP’s programmes have been in schools and universities – the future of Malaysia.


The sports in which GSP has increased participation, improved performance and inspired purpose are almost too numerous to name – basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis, badminton, golf, baseball, Taekwondo and in recent years, a sport that catching the attention of many in Malaysia – Ultimate Frisbee.
What exactly is GSP’s expertise? The response is often “We are experts at finding experts!”  Whether long term professional placements or short-term seminars and workshops, GSP seeks to source the expertise required that will fit the needs and unique flavor of each local context. GSP works to find creative funding solutions for programs that reflect its core values – networking with many who want to give back to the sport that has given so much to them as well as with corporates who recognize the value of GSP programs in nation-building.